Flush with Royals

Ryan Shealy, Kansas City Royals
by Andy Kimball

Instantly one of my favorite cards that Andy did. The powder blue looks phenomenal with this color scheme, and Andy framed this shot perfectly. Simple and elegant -- I love it.

Side note -- I wonder if I'll be seeing Ryan at all in Omaha this year or if he'll join the glut of 1B in Kansas City. He's running out of chances.

Mitch Maier, Kansas City Royals
by Andy Kimball

Great shot of Mitch. Definitely should see him again in Omaha this year.

Jose Guillen, Kansas City Royals
by Andy Kimball

What's this, Jose Guillen angry?

David DeJesus, Kansas City Royals
by Autographed Cards (Zach) and Goose Joak

Awesome home cooked shot of DeJesus at the dish. All the credit here goes to Zach who did an excellent job on this.

J.R. House, Kansas City Royals
by Andy Kimball

Another of my faves from Andy. The details here are great. Two things -- I especially like the necklace (or chain, whatever it is), flying around his shoulders. Some serious extension. Also, you can kind of see his lips puffing out too, like he's blowing out air after a ridiculously vicious hack, further confirming what kind of swing this was. From the looks of his hat, it's some kind of BP or home run derby.

Awesome work guys!


  1. Jose Guillen isn't angry he's just argumentative frequently.

  2. Hey, ol' Mitch just got called up. I may be taking one of those to my next game.

    Also, I could have swore that you had a Trey Hillman card where he was argiung with the umpire (without Jose in it). I looked and I looked and I could not find that card. Am I just making stuff up or did I overlook this card? I was hoping to take one to a game if I could find it.


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